• Soft contact lenses

    Image: soft contact lenses

For those who play sports or for those who want a break from glasses!

We stock many types and different materials of soft contact lenses. After a thorough examination in our office, we will be able to recommend the lens that best suits your needs. 

Soft toric contact lenses for astigmatism

They are soft contact lenses that can correct astigmatism. To do this it becomes very important to carry out an in-depth visit to evaluate the axis and the power to achieve the best possible vision.

Soft multifocal contact lenses

These soft contact lenses work like multifocal glasses. They are able to give you a good sight from near and far without the use of glasses. Also in this case, continuous development in lens geometry is able to improve the optical quality of soft multifocal contact lenses such as for example the new lenses with EDOF technology. In our studio in Alta Badia we will be able to find the right lens to achieve this goal

In addition to the contact lenses just mentioned we are able to apply Hybrid contact lenses, which are RGP contact lenses with soft periphery and soft contact lenses tailored to your eyes or for corneal irregularities.